silk carf & hair
Bild: Vincent Trouillard

Bad hair day’s best friend, sophistication of a simple outfit, chic or casual, the scarf is so versatile that it is an absolut wardrobe essential . Plain or colorful – you can play with it and be as creative as you can! It enhances any style and makes you stand out among the others. Don’t hesitate anymore! Today, I want to show you 3 ways of how I tie my Hermès silk scarf in my hair: sophisticated with braids, hippy style and the bohemian bun. Just follow the sketches aka instructions!

braids hair scarfhow to hair : braids & scarfbraids hair scarf

This first style is the most sophisticated one. You can dress up any outfits with it and it is really easy to do!

turban scarfhow to hair scarf turbanturban + hair

This one is my favourite, it is the simplest one but it has the best effect!

how to : bunbun hair scarfscarf & hair : bun

This look is the best for the bad hair days! The boheme look enhances a casual style, paired with a nice make up, you stand out immediately.

Let’s get inspired by other ways to tie scarves in our hair !

scarf in the hair hair & scarf hair + scarf inspiration


What do you think about the new hairstyle variety thanks to scarfs? Leave me a comment!

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8 Kommentare zu “How To : Silk Scarf & Hair”
  1. Mia Mia sagt:

    Amazing, simply amazing. This is so superb! I love it!

  2. This post is everything… I love to use scarfs and tie them <3

    Amazing. Is your Lipstick Mac Flat out fabulous?


    Madlén Bohéme

    • Lucile Lucile sagt:

      Hi Madlén !
      Thank you very much !
      My lipstick is Bourgeois Rouge Edition Velvet in tint 14 Plum Plum Girl.

      All the best,


  3. Annabell sagt:

    Wow sieht das toll aus! Sowohl die Bilder als auch das Ergebnis… ich bin gerade noch auf der Suche nach einem schönen, bunten Tuch. Jetzt weiß ich schon mal, was ich damit machen werde :) Nummer 2 ist auf jeden Fall mein Favorit!

  4. die Chrissy sagt:

    Sau coole Idee! Ich werde mich mal daran versuchen. Gerade die erste Variante finde ich verdammt gut. Hoffe meine Haare spielen mit :-)

  5. verena sagt:

    wie lang sollte der schal denn ca sein und welche breite ungefähr? wo finde ich denn nachhaltige schals (vegan)…?

  6. Joyce Gift sagt:

    Shame my hair is way too short for this … 😩

    Yours truly,

    (Ps: loved it anyway) 💘

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